Mariantonietta Peru photo

“These photographs arise from my deep passion for wilderness, which has shaped every aspect of my life, especially after I crossed the Sahara desert from west to east by camel and on foot, travelling as Saharan nomads have done for centuries.

Through these images, whether portraits or landscapes, I express my feelings for people and nature. I believe that our experience with wilderness is of crucial importance in our lives today, as we have become so industrialized that we have lost our connection with nature.

Through these photographs, I try to represent something very human and real. For me, art is about our connection with each other and with the divine.”
Mariantonietta Peru

Mariantonietta Peru, an Italian photographer based in Nairobi, specializes in black and white portraits and landscapes.

In 1986-7 she made the first crossing of the Sahara desert from west to east by camel and on foot with her husband Michael Asher – a distance of 7500 km- without backup or technology of any kind. She is the only woman ever known to have made such a journey .

A fluent Arabic speaker, she has travelled to many remote places and among little known peoples. Her photos have illustrated books and magazines worldwide. She undertakes freelance assignements for the UN, NGOs, corporate and private clients.